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This page shows a number of ways to track the spread of the COVID-19 virus, primarily in the United States. Originally I wanted to compare US states to other countries because that seemed more reasonable than comparing the US as a country to other countries that are much smaller and less spread out. It's, uh, grown since then.

Data loads live from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering and the New York Times. I'll be updating the charts with new features and ways of looking at the data as I think of them and have time to implement. Feel free to let me know if you think of any features that would be helpful on Twitter.


Are you an epidemiologist?

No. I'm a data guy, and I'm just visualizing the data we have for myself and anyone else who would find it interesting.

How are you defining cities?

I'm using Core-Based Statistical Areas, which are made up of counties. I map them using the latest defintions as published at Census. The New York Times data includes the FIPS codes, which makes this pretty easy.

If none of that means anything to you, just think of it as your city's metro area, not its city limits.

Why isn't China on these graphs?

Because its numbers are fake.

Isn't this data worthless because tests are unavailable?

That should be a caution when interpreting it. Several states have seen spikes as testing has become more widely available.